Exploring Ethical Captive Management of Reptiles & Amphibians through the lens of biological science, conservation, and human nature.


Dillon Perron

Animals at Home

Less industrialized, More individualized Reptile Care. I want to learn about the individual animal, not about the genetics it carries. I want you to hear about the care you provide and about the enclosure, it is in.

Bryce Broom

Animals Everywhere

Bryce is a young African venomous herpetoculturist who is fascinated with wildlife and living a wild life, closely connected to the natural world. Being born in Africa, he has had countless memorable animal experiences from a little toddler and he’s only just getting started!

Liam Sinclair

Reptiles & Research

Hello, my name is Liam, I am first and foremost a fanatic reptile enthusiast, I have a bachelor’s degree in animal management, this is where my interest in research stems from. My mission with this channel is to investigate herpetological husbandry with a scientific mindset and champion an evidence-based approach to reptilian husbandry, centred around animal welfare science.

Ellie Hills

Reptiles & Research

Hello Im Ellie Ive been working with reptiles for over a decade. I have a master’s in Applied zoo biology and worked with some amazing animals over the years from target training octopus and sharks to studying praying mantis. The weird and the wonderful are a great passion of mine and I’m always ready to learn something new.

Phillip Lietz


Phil Lietz is the owner of Arids Only and focuses on Uromastyx and Xenagama. Phil is also a Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and Illustrator which contribute to his methods and concepts within Herpetoculture.

Roy Arthur Blogdett


Roy is the proprietor of Wellspring Herpetoculture, and keeps an eclectic array of reptiles with a focus on naturalistic, biotope husbandry. His background as a naturalist and ecological educator strongly inform his practice in herpetoculture, and he is constantly striving to progress his husbandry and encourage a broad range of natural behaviors in the animals in his care.

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