Dr. Frances Baines is one of the most well-known reptile lighting experts herpetoculture has to offer. Dr. Baines is a vet out of the UK and has decades of experience studying the optimal light requirements for captive reptiles and has spent years testing and advising reptile brands as they develop new lighting technology. In this episode, Dr. Baines fills us in on how she got started studying reptile lighting, we discuss how to replicate the solar spectrum including what function each section of the spectrum has. We cover lighting for nocturnal species, simulating dusk and dawn, D3 synthesis, and the remarkable role of vitamin D beyond calcium metabolism.


Roman Muryn, Here a 3 Lamp evaluation with Crotophytus collaris collaris and Laudakia stellio brachydactyla

JTB Reptiles, Photoperiods: Vivarium Lighting Setup w/ Sunrise & Sunset – How Long to Leave Lights On For Reptiles

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