20: Crosstown Exotics

Crosstown Exotics is a reptile and bug show that travels throughout Chicagoland providing hands-on education entertainment and the owner, Colin Langenderfer joins me on this episode. Throughout the episode, we discuss Colin’s extensive reptile collection, which includes an alligator, anacondas and a Caiman lizard, we chat about Crosstown Exotics business model including the pros and cons of operating an animal presentation business.

Crosstown Exotics has also been involved in a multitude of film and production projects by providing companies with the animals they require. Crosstown Exotics have had animals featured in many TV shows, commercials, and movies. Colin tells us about his experiences working with animals on tv and movie sets.

Here is the video Colin referred to in the episode… this is how NOT to run a reptile presentation business!


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