26: Forrest Fanning

Rest in Peace, Forrest. I will always remember the kindness and generosity you showed towards me as well as the intense knowledge and passion you possessed for the animals you worked with. May this podcast serve to immortalize your great legacy for the reptile industry and more importantly, your family.

The reptile industry should be in a consent state of evolution. This week Forrest Fanning and I discuss the current state of the reptile hobby including methods each individual hobbyist can use to level up the reptile industry. Reptek, Forrest’s reptile company, features a wide variety of species including tree monitors, crocodile monitors, green tree pythons and abronia lizards. He also runs a rodent business, Cold Blooded Cafe.

Forrest has derived an undeniable passion and purpose through his work with reptiles. Over the years he has acquired an incredible scientific knowledge base and has become a successful entrepreneur. Forrest is an example of how powerful the privilege of working with reptiles can be and why it is important that we keep the industry healthy and functioning.

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