7: Dr. Reptilia

Today, Dr. Jen Moore also known as @DrReptilia on Twitter joined me for a chat! Dr. Moore is an Associate Professor in the Biology Department at Grand Valley University in Michigan.  The majority of Dr. Moore’s research focuses on the conservation of both reptile and amphibian species.  During the episode, Dr. Moore told us about her research in New Zealand studying Tuatara, her study of Lava lizards in the Galapagos islands and much more!

7: Dr. Reptilia | Jen Moore
You will get at least one of the two following takeaways from this episode:

If you are a younger individual and are considering pursuing a career in biology then this episode will provide you with some great advice on where to start. Dr. Moore provided some great advice for those who are thinking about going into academics and also told some fantastic field research stories that will convince you academics are the way to go!

Or if you are like me and your academic days are behind you but you are still interested in participating in conservation, Dr. Moore gives us some great ideas for how we can help contribute to wildlife research and conservation.

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