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Is Bio-active husbandry the gold standard of reptile care? Are there cons to going bio-active? What responsibility do Pet & Reptile content creators on YouTube have to ensure they are providing good information? Welcome to the first episode of the new series: Round Table Discussions! On Today’s episode, we are joined by Liam Sinclair of Reptiles and Research, Joseph Brabin of JTB Reptiles, and Harvey Tweats of Celtic Reptile and Amphibian. 


Individual episodes of the Animals at Home Podcast with today’s guests:

Liam Sinclair: https://www.animalsathomenetwork.com/50-liam-sinclair/

Joseph Brabin: https://www.animalsathomenetwork.com/55-jtb-reptiles/

Harvey Tweats: https://www.animalsathomenetwork.com/60-celtic-reptile/

Progressing Reptile Care YouTube Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh5fybvrrZIde7U8fTn1I55Ug0aRzb7dP

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